Mae delivers cannabis to the East Bay and Marin County.


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Two women with rich dark skin and flowing gowns sit on a bed of clouds with slim cigarette holders
(510) 726-9049 $10 off your first order

Mae is your own personal budtender. Send her a text to browse the menu or ask for a recommendation. First orders are $10 off.

Service Area

Alameda County ($50 minimum)

Contra Costa County ($50 minimum)

Solano County ($80 minimum)

Marin County ($80 minimum)


Hours of Operation

Tuesday : Scheduled Only

Wednesday : Scheduled Only

Thursday : 12pm - 8pm

Friday : 12pm - 8pm

Saturday 12pm - 8pm

Sunday : 12pm - 8pm

Monday : CLOSED

About Us

Mae is run by Community Gardens, a cannabis retailer based in Oakland, California.

We're Black owned, veteran owned, and family owned.

We believe cannabis is an essential tool with mental and physical benefits. Our mission is to provide our members with quality products that are affordable at their convenience.

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